Solutions to secure your products and documents, using customized holograms and related products against counterfeit.

Custom Holograms

custom holograms

Applying custom holograms on packages and on documents is the best way to protect them against counterfeiting.


General Pattern Holograms

general pattern holograms

The general pattern holograms are security elements with a default pattern design. The general pattern holograms have all the general properties of customized holograms.


Security Holographic Foils

security holographic foils

The main categories of security holographic foils are: Holographic Hot Stamping Foil and self-adhesive holographic foils.


Holographic Seals

holographic seals

The most secure way of sealing the products wrap, packages, containers, electronic products is applying holographic seals on it.



  • Having an hologram applied on your products / documents certifies the authenticity of it.
  • Holograms cannot be copied or multiplied in order to be forged.
  • They have a low price / piece, which can be easily recovered from the final price of the product.
  • The hologram assures your customers that they have chosen an original product.
  • Using holograms on your company’s product package, will produce an increased visual impact, compared to a product that has no hologram applied on its packaging, which may increase sales by 10 – 25%.
  • Increased customer confidence in your products source and quality.


  • We have an experience of over 9 years in securing products and documents against counterfeiting.
  • In this period we have supported more than 500 companies, providing solutions for protecting more than 50 million products and documents with custom holograms.
  • Our team offers customized solutions to each client, adapted to the needs and particularities desired.
  • To convince you of the quality of our products we can provide samples from our portfolio.
  • To test the quality and properties of holograms and to see if they are suitable to your needs, we can provide general pattern holograms.
  • To improve companies safety, we work only with legal entities.

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