Custom holograms are distinctive markings with unique design, at which the main element is the company name or logo.

Custom Holograms Characteristics:

1. Company logo / name

The most important element of custom holograms is the logo, the name or a slogan representative to the client. Custom holograms ensure the buyer that he has purchased an original product. Also in the case of documents, haveing applied a custom hologram on it, it will certify its authenticity.

custom holograms

2. Multiple security elements

Their purpose is to prevent any attempt to copy the holographic label. We have a team of professionals, that based on consumer needs, make graphical proposals with multiple security effects. Graphic proposals are presented and submitted for approval to the client.

The design of the holograms will include multiple security elements (micro text, nano text, 3d depth, guilloche pattern, fresnel, flip-flop, effects that are visible from different angles, kinetic effects, etc.).

Another holograms security element is their destruction when it is attempted to remove them from the support that it has been applied on. The destruction types are delamination or demetallization which can be totat or partial. You can also choose a security pattern that will remain when the hologram will be removed (void) or a custom pattern. On request, customized holograms can be made so it will remain intact if they are removed.

Custom holograms can be numbered with alpha-numeric serial numbers. The numbering can be made by ink-jet printing of black color or laser engraving. In the case of laser engraving the serial number will be transparent so it will get the color of the support that it was applied on.

Holograms can not be copied, duplicated in any way due to the security elements it contains.

custom holograms

3. Size, shape, color

We can make custom holograms in various shapes, sizes and colors depending on customer needs.

The size of the holograms may be between 8/10 mm and 150/150 mm.

The most common shapes that holograms have is: square, circle, rectangle. On request the holograms can be cut in special shapes: diamond, heart, oval, square with a meandering side, and others.

They can be supplied in roll or sheet.

The holographic foil color can be choosen from a variety of colors. The main colors used are silver, gold and transparent.

custom holograms

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