General pattern holograms are security elements for products and documents, with a basic pattern design. The general pattern holograms have all the general properties of customized holograms.

General pattern holograms characteristics:

1. General characteristics

General pattern holograms represent a quick and convenient solution to all the companies that want to secure their products and documents.

We have in stock a wide range of custom holograms of various sizes, designs and colors. The minimum order is of 100 pieces general pattern holograms. Get a quote now (Click Here).

general pattern holograms

2. Security features

General pattern holograms have a predefined design. They contain various security elements and have one or several inscriptions (eg "ORIGINAL", "GENUINE", "VALID", "AUTHENTIC").

Some models of general pattern holograms sold by our company contain unique alphanumeric serial numbers.

When somebody tries to remove the hologram from the support it was applied on, the hologram destroys by delamination and demetallization, so it is impossible to apply it again on another surface.

general pattern holograms

3. Semi customization

We can customize the holograms with predefined design by:

- unique alphanumeric serial numbering, with the series wanted by the client. The numbering can be achieved by ink-jet printing(black color) or laser engraving(the serial number will be transparent so the color of the support that is applied on will be seen); serial number example: NERO988375.

- ink-jet printing or laser engraving a company name or logo.

- color printing of a logo.

Depending on the desired customizations, there is a minimum order quantity requested.

general pattern holograms

4. Advantages

We can deliver from stock a wide range of general pattern holograms of various sizes, colors, with or without alphanumeric serial numbering.

If we do not have in stock your desired model, it can be produced in a shorter time.

general pattern holograms

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