The most secure way of sealing the products wrap, packages, containers, electronic products, is applying holographic seals on it

Holographic seals characteristics:

1. General characteristics

Holographic seals have the same main features as customized or general pattern holograms.

Holographic seals can be customized with your logo.

Minimum ordered quantity:

- General pattern holographic seals : 100 pcs.

- Customized holographic seals: depending on the size and customization required we will communicate it to each client.

We have in stock a wide range of customized holographic seals of various sizes, various designs, with or without serial numbering.

Holographic seals

2. Security features

In an attempt to remove the holographic seal from the support it sealed, these destroy and no longer can be used or aplied again.

When removal is tried, the seals are destroyed by delamination, demetallization or appearance of a pattern (VOID) on the surface on which it was applied on.

The holographic seals can be customized with a logo or slogan wanted by the client.

On the general pattern holographic seals it can be ink-jet printed or laser engraved a logo. These can also contain serial numbering with unique alphanumeric serials.

Holographic seals

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