Solutions to protect products and documents against counterfeiting

Brand Protection:

Most successful brands today are affected by counterfeiting products. This leads to considerable financial losses for brand owners. In some cases, it could lead to a physical risk for consumers. The solution to this problem is the use of holograms on genuine products and inform consumers about it.

Documents Security:

Globally, the rate of document forgery is very high. We understand the need to secure and protect documents: contracts, checks, passports, visas, business cards, tickets, vouchers, certificates, diplomas and so on. We have developed multiple products and customized solutions, using different holographic materials and printing techniques to ensure protection of these documents.

Product authenticity certification:

You can certify the authenticity of your products by applying custom holograms on them. In this way it certifies the authenticity and quality, counterfeiting them being impossible. Also, customers confidence in your products will significantly increase resulting higher sales.

The main areas of use:

- printing field, to secure tickets, vouchers, diplomas, certificates, confidential documents, vouchers, promotional vouchers;

- food, pharmaceutical and other industries, to protect against counterfeiting and to beautify original product packaging;

- sealing electronics, mobile, automotive parts, packaging or devices;

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